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Sleep Apnea Testimonials

5 5-star reviews!

“After being diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea, I was instructed to go pick up my CPAP machine. After trying to tolerate the CPAP mask and machine for 4 weeks, I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t going to work for me. After visiting Dr. Carroll’s office, I was told about the appliance they offered to relieve sleep apnea. I took my CPAP machine back and was given my appliance and have been using it for a couple of weeks. I was very comfortable and east to use. I had no problem sleeping with it. I would encourage any person that was faced with using a CPAP to visit Dr. Carroll and see if this alternative would work for you.”
-Karen Q.

“The mouth guard has been a learning experience for me. Overall I am pleased with the results. I do not believe I am snoring as much, and the appliance fits better after I have warmed it up in warm water first. I believe the SomniDent is beneficial to my overall well being, and I am looking forward to getting the full benefit from it. I do recommend it to anyone who can’t stand CPAP machines.”
-Donna H.

“I have used my CPAP for 10 years. It requires a lot of maintenance such as daily washing of mask and tubing. I saw Dr. Carroll’s advertisement with the coupon in the paper, called, made an appointment and got an oral appliance. It is nice to have both. Medicare reimbursed me for the cost as ‘durable medical equipment’ which was unexpected. The personnel at the office were all very professional and Dr. Carroll made sure my appliance fit for me and I was happy with it. You can go back as much as you feel is necessary. It is good for sleep apnea. Thanks Dr. Carroll.”
-Clara C.

“I’ve had the Somnodent for over a year and find that it definitely makes a difference in how rested I feel in the mornings. It is much easier to deal with than a CPap machine and quieter too. I would definitely recommend it to others that have sleep apnea and wake up tired every morning.”
-Susan L.

“Dear Janette Carroll,
When I got my oral device for Sleep Apnea from Janette Carroll it fit perfectly, even after many months it still fits fine. I would recommend Janette Carroll to anyone who doesn’t want to use the CPAP. There are some nights that I have sleep apnea, but it is reduced so much!”
-Linda B.

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